Pow Wow 2017-Art by Michelle Tanguay-art with a meaning

Pow Wow Hawaii is a annual week-long gathering of artists from around the world to share and express their art in Kakaako, Hawaii.  While I was out viewing masterpieces from various talented artist, I came across Michelle Tanguay who came all the way from Detroit to paint this beautiful mural.  I usually make a point to meet, and talk story with artist I meet.  I asked Michelle "What's the meaning to your art?"  She told me that it was a mural of her best friend, and the other women who were also her good friends.  Her best friend was Afro-American, and her other two friends were Mexican.  She wanted to dedicate this mural to her multi-ethnic friends during these racial tense times with Muslim Bans and the Mexican Border Wall going on.  She wanted to share the message that best friends can be of any race, color or religion.  I thought that was a beautiful meaning to her beautiful art.  I replied to her that she chose the perfect place to share her vision, because in Hawaii we are all friends no matter where you are from.