Garret Kojima

Garret Kojima has always had a passion for the ocean.  Born and raised on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai he would often be found enjoying the rush of the pounding surf, and diving in the deep blue sea.  Garret attended the University of Hawaii where he was awarded a six month internship with Walt Disney Imagineering.  This experience was definitely an eye opener, and a segue to the incredible potential for his career in art.  Garret enjoyed the excitement of living in Los Angeles, but the warm waters of Hawaii called him back home.  In 1997, Crazy Shirts hired Garret for his creative spark, and artistic talent.  He consistently pushed the boundaries in t-shirt design, and was eventually awarded "Artist of the Year" for his innovative "Tribal Series".

While at Crazy Shirts, Garret met famous Disney artist Eric Robison who opened his eyes to the magic of painting.  He discovered that he could express his passion for surf through powerful brush strokes, and bold colors.  Bright colors danced across his canvas.  Art came to life.  A trilogy of old loves, passions, and the magic of Disney merge to create his own unique surf art from the heart.                 


Featured Artist, Haleiwa Arts Festival, 2015


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